Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Liberal Media? Naaahhhhhhhh.

Nope, no liberal media here. Nothing to look at, return to your homes.
Poll Finds Kerry Locked in Tie in Race
By WILL LESTER, Associated Press Writer

NANTUCKET, Mass. - John Kerry (news - web sites) is heading to his party's national convention with Democrats faring better with the public on both domestic and international issues, according to a poll released Wednesday. But Kerry remains locked in a tie in the presidential race.
Of course, no mention of either his opponent (the sitting POTUS) or the fact his 8-12 point bounce from Edwards has evaporated, not unlike the classified papers in Sandy Berger's Jockey shorts. When Bush was 8+ points up, the media was breathless in it's reporting that Kerry had caught up. Where's the parity?

If you say that Fox is biased towards the Republicans, I'd agree (although find the Greta or Colmes on CBS for me.) But even the most weakminded must admit the media has a leftward bias.