Thursday, July 29, 2004

Barak, the shooting star

I didn't see any of Obama's speech, but I read through some of the text and heard reaction on local talk radio. Bla bla bla, talk is cheap.

I'm voting a single issue this time, as usual. Whom do I think has a realistic probability of getting the federal government back down towards it's Constitutionally-mandated size, and who will cut my taxes more (or stop them from going up.) Don't give me the "the government is going broke" stuff. If we give it to them, they'll piss it away (most likely any party in power), if we don't give it to them, they'll piss it away (ditto). The only way to shrink the government and pay off the deficit is to freeze non-Constitutional federal budgets with the idea of sunsetting them over a fixed period.

(a tip of the hat to S-Train for spurring this post)

UPDATE - Oops, looks like someone is being fact-checked. (H/T LGF)